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Solutions for Complex Environments

What we do

Chameleon Global specialises in the creation of innovative, amplified and sustainable solutions, which address the critical threats and challenges within and from the worlds complex environments - be they national or trans-national.  

By identifying and building capacity through the integration of partners, Chameleon generates subtle, tailored programmes, aligned to the nuances of each operating environment.  Countering many of the worlds most pressing threats, from migration, illicit trafficking, state proxy influence and non-state VEOs, seeking to exploit vulnerable communities or ungoverned spaces, Chameleon supports select governments and multi-lateral agencies better understand and engage the human domain.


With a broad understanding from a global experience, we are adept at operating in austere, fragile and conflict affected areas.  


Through a proven track record, of forming and managing high impact teams derived from across the Defence, Intelligence, Government, Media, Academia and Private sectors, we create Solutions for Complex Environments™ that are effective, sustainable and trusted.

Global Reach

Chameleon Global has truly global experience.  


We are accustomed to nuanced sovereign, political, financial, ethno-religious and legislative context, seeking to harness the indigenous human capital to derive the strongest solutions, for the people, by the people.